Monday, 20 February 2017


Hey lovely people! It's been a little while but I have an exciting life update to share with you today- I MOVED OUT! I'm now (finally) living with my boyfriend of 10 and a half years, Perry in our first home YAY!

Since moving out I have become heavily invested in my home inspo Pinterest board and am obsessed with finding sassy bargains to decorate our home with (I feel so adult). IKEA has been my go to place and I was so excited when they got in touch with their latest collaboration as it was so very me.

IKEA have collaborated with one of my favourite British designers Kit Neale, bringing fashion and furniture together and creating this AMAZING limited edition SPRIDD collection. The collection oozes lots of colourful and clashing prints and patterns which are right up my street!

We have a lot of decorating to do around the house so at the moment we're only really furnishing our bedroom and these pieces complimented the current decor so well. See below to see what I chose from the SPRIDD collection and how I styled it up in our bedroom.

You can shop the collection in stores now, be speedy as the collection is limited edition and selling fast!

Post in collaboration with IKEA.

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Hey sassy people! Today I thought I would share my latest Sassy World lookbook with you, shot and styled by yours truly with my muse @maidiemoo <3 I shot all of it (minus the first image) on my Fujifilm Instax and it's all raw and unedited! Hope you like it. You can see more of my SW lookbooks over on the site here. The items in the lookbook will be available to buy this Sunday!


A/W 2016
Photography + styling: Helena Lester-Card

Friday, 21 October 2016

Sunglasses + earrings: eBay
Turtleneck body: Motel Rocks
Rainbow shaggy jacket: Saccharine Shrine
Boots: Vintage

Feeling super sassy today in this maxi dress and shaggy jacket combo! People often ask me: 'Ooh what are you all dressed up for?' UMMM LIFE HUNNI, LIFE! We don't need an excuse to dress up other than the fact that we are alive and breathing (insert sassy lady emoji). 

I'm really obsessed with this rainbow jacket I had custom made by the lovely ladies over at Saccharine Shrine, it's really cosy and fulfils all my rainbow dreams. Also how sassual is this maxi dress by the fabulous canadian girl boss Hayley Elsaesser?! She is one of my all time fave designers so I was seriously flattered when she said she wanted to collaborate with me! I have an amazing poodle dress of hers that I'm saving for my birthday next month which I'll be sure to show you guys! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


Monday, 19 September 2016


I've just returned from my most fabulous hotel stay to date at none other than the AMAZING Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton. My boyfriend and I chose to stay in the bowery room as I felt it was screaming my name (see first two photos and you'll totally understand why) and it was so beautiful and cosy. The theme is dedicated to performance artist Leigh Bowery and features so many gorgeous visuals around the room. The room is one of their smaller ones but it was super comfy and perfect for the two of us!

Whilst we were there the lovely Cecily showed me around some of their other themed rooms and I've featured my favourite ones down below. There are so many intricate details in every room and such a wide range of themes, there's something for all different tastes but especially ones who love a whole lot of quirk. 

FYI they have a bar downstairs that features pink tables, a gold glittery sofa and some bangin' cocktails! The location is perfect as it's right next to the seaside and walking distance to everything else too. I'll 10000% be returning again so thank you so much Hotel Pelirocco for having me :D

Even the toilets are super cute!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Sunglasses: Vintage
Earrings: No Basic Bombshell
Skirt: Zara via a charity shop

Hello there strangers :)

It's been a while since I last posted an outfit on here but here's something I wore a few weeks back. This Missguided jumper is my fave throw on piece right now because it's so comfortable and goes with most of my wardrobe! 


Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Some photos I took of beautiful Becky Simmonds styled by my good pal Jack Clements using clothes from Vintage at 97 <3 hope you like them! 

Photography: Helena Lester-Card
Styling: Jack Clements
Model: Becky Simmonds
Clothing: Vintage at 97

Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Me and my Confetti Crowd girlies recently teamed up with Ribena on their latest campaign which is all about positivity, optimism, colour and quirk. Could it be more us? You can't get any more Ribenary!

I had such a fun packed day colouring in my tile (1/120 tiles drawn by the amazing Alex Lucas) and I had completely forgotten how uplifting it was to colour in. It should be a mandatory part of our lives I reckon! After everyone in the cafe had completed our tiles we all went and stuck them up in order on the wall which created the most beautiful and psychedelic masterpiece you ever did see. When I thought it couldn't get much better they did this amazing light up performance of the wall piece to the music of Ribena's song from their latest advert (the catchiest and bounciest song ever FYI) which had everyone bopping about, it was SO cute. 

We then partied on down and laughed the night away and I honestly hadn't had that much fun in ages so thank you Ribena for having me and reminding me to live in the moment and savour the everyday joys!