Saturday, 6 August 2011

This is what I have decided to wear to work today (minus the sunglasses). I love this Topshop tee it's so versatile and can be worn with nearly everything! The skirt is vintage and was bought at a carboot sale by my mum. I have literally just joined today and this outfit is my first look so would love it if people can help me get some hype:  much appreciated :)


  1. i love that top...i tried it on the other day but wore it inside out lol...the cross is darker.
    u asked about the litas on my blog? i know u can get them from office and office also have their own shop on ebay so u can get them there too. have also just stocked the litas (so be quick!) but they have other styles too. ermm i know a site called used to do them too..not sure now. but if you want some of the more unique colours then you'll have to get them from the u.s from

    hope that helps!