Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fanny Karst: Old Ladies Rebellion/Lacanne Hip Collection

For one of my many projects at uni we have to make a 3-4 minute documentary in groups of 3 or 4 on a fashion based subject. After a discussion of several topics we spoke about how when most people think of fashion they think of young teenage and twenty-something models however more recently another generation has become more recognisable and more influential. A huge inspiration for this topic was an article I read in The Sunday Times Style magazine called 'Rare Bird' about Iris Apfel a 90 year old fashion icon. My group and I also found inspiration from the Advanced Style Blog whos tagline is: "Proof from the wise and and silver haired set that personal style advances with age" and has lots of street style photos of this particular generation. This tagline helped us come up with the documentary name "Silver Style".

The main part of the project brief was to find someone in the fashion industry to let us interview them in our documentary so that it becomes more credible. This was the part we probably found the hardest as we emailed lots of different magazines, stores and designers and had no reply however after researching on a monday I came across Fanny Karst's collection; Old Ladies Rebellion. Fanny is a french 27 year old St Martins graduate who designs clothes purely for the 'ladies'. I emailed her straight away asking if there was any chance she would let us interview her and to my surprise she replied very quickly inviting us to the presentation of her new collection 'Lacanne' the next day in London. These are some photographs I took from the presentation which was amazing. Fanny was so lovely and happy to help us out which we are truly grateful for as we couldn't have found a more relevant person in the industry to interview!

This collection is called the Hip Collection and is a sportswear line which was very popular with the ladies at the presentation. Her designs are very high quality and flattering with quirky finishes. Fanny's models range from 60-80 and are all beautiful! The lady I mainly photographed above was so sweet and also helped us by letting us film her modelling and answered a few questions.

Once we have put the documentary together and it is completely finished I will post a link on here :)

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