Friday, 2 December 2011

Thought I'd do two posts today seeing as I've been so neglectful the past month! As I may have said before I study Fashion Media & Promotion at uni and our next big project is styling and photography so as a warm up we were given a one day project based on eras. We were put into pairs and given an era, mine was 1960s. We were then told that between us we had to be the make up artist, hair stylist, stylist, photographer and model and we had to hand in our finished photo by 3pm the same day. The project brief was given to us a few weeks before the actual project so we had time to prepare. I found this dress in a vintage shop called Hideout near my house although this dress is actually new and the boots and coat were found in a charity shop. My lovely partner Jess did my hair and make up amazingly in the style of twiggy and also took the final photo :)

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  1. Wow, you've really created that 60s look ... quite a challenge. I love the black and white photo, very evocative of that era.