Sunday, 4 March 2012

Brighton Street Style

On Friday me and a few friends from my course took a stroll round Brighton to try and get some street style shots for our project. It took us quite a while to build up the courage to approach people and I missed quite a few good opportunities because of this but once one of us had started we all got into the swing of it. My theme of my street style project is couples (not necessarily relationship couples, just two people together) because I love how two peoples outfits either work well together or completely contrast each other. Brighton never fails to supply interestingly dressed people!


  1. I like the shoes all these people are wearing ... stylish, but comfortable too. Perfect for strolling The Lanes! Also a sucker for vintage scarves, especially like the silky one teamed with the camel coat.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Brighton
    Can't wait to visit this year for BFW and head to the lane ;)

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