Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I'm really pushing the boat out today with two blog posts today! (my way of treating myself for handing in my project.) One of my latest obsessions as I think I said before is clear things, particularly shoes. I don't really know why because i'm not blessed with the prettiest of feet haha but I am going to be committing the socks and sandals crime and buy some cute lace/neon/glittery socks to go with these!
The top pair of sandals are from h&m and are only £12.99! The bottom pair take me back to my childhood when I had some of these and I thought I was wearing really high heels when actually they're like kitten heels these days! They are from Topshop (JuJu) and are £24. 
P.S haven't done this before but have a look at one of my favourite blogs http://velvetcrow.blogspot.co.uk/
I follow Amreen on here, instagram and twitter (stalker alert) and have such a girl crush on her style!


  1. love this post :) I may HAVE to get myself a pair of those jellies ahhhh memories :) and also your photos in your other post today are soo pretty :) great work

  2. Both of these are fantasticccccc! I bought the second pair last week but had to return them as they are like boats. May get myself down to H&M to try the second pair!

  3. Just having a little stalk of your blog, hooray for jellies!! I had some exactly like this when I was young, a new pair is definitely needed. Do they come up big or small? xx