Friday, 4 May 2012

Once upon a time I was a huge Topshop fan and everyday an outfit would include a Topshop item (mainly thanks to 25% arcadia discount and uniform discount) however recently I've been drifting away from it mainly because I don't want to pay a lot of money for things that everyone else is wearing so nowadays I tend to just buy things like jeans or shoes from there. HOWEVER, I still finding myself checking 'new in this week' every morning and these beauties have won a little bit of my heart back. How amazing is this Topshop dress up ombre fringe cape?! I need it! However priced at £180 its extremely out of reach :( and then there's the metallic heels..oh my gad. Finally the clear jelly shoes that take me back to my childhood in the 90s and they also satisfy my love for clear things at the mo! Being the cheapest of all three 'needs' at £16 I think these are the most likely item I'll be buying!

P.s. I have now got 50 followers which I know isn't a lot to some people but I couldn't be more chuffed and grateful, so thankyou to those who follow me :) :) x


  1. Long live vintage, retro, preloved, secondhand clothes which can be washed, mended, re-worked and given a new lease of life.

  2. Lovely post and very inspiring blog! Please check my blog too, maybe we can be followers :)

  3. Such a cute post I love that top/dress and those jellies bring back memories :)



  4. That cape is amazing! I see what you mean about the price tag though! I recently bought a lovely ombre fringed dress from Primark - £6! Hopefully a cheaper version will pop up!
    Hannah xo

  5. Love that cape, it is amazing! Welld one on 50 followers lovely x

  6. this is a lovely outfit. i love that top... and i am a huge fan of clear jelly sandals because it elongates the legs. great blog! enjoyed browsing so much... and i am your new follower on bloglovin and google friends. i would be absolutely honored if you connect with me on both. :) enjoy your day!