Saturday, 2 February 2013

20 Facts

I keep seeing these posts around on blogs and I am thoroughly enjoying being nosey and getting to know the girls behind the photos. Not sure if anyone will really be interested in my facts but thought I would give it a go anyway!

1. My name is Helena but I am most commonly called by my nickname Heli (like a helicopter) or helibells, or bells which is where I got the name for this blog.

2. I moved to Brighton in September for uni but still come home (portsmouth) every weekend for work and to see my boyfriend and family.

3. I have been with my boyfriend, Perry since I was 14. It has been a solid 6 and a half years <3

4. I have 5 cats

5. I like cats ALOT. I will stop and speak to every cat I see on the street. We have an understanding.

6. When in Portsmouth, I live with my mum who is my most loyal biggest blog reader. Hi mum!

7. I recently stopped eating meat a few months ago and now I have nightmares about ever eating it again

8. I was born with clicky hips and have had both hips operated on and will probably have a hip replacement later in life.

9. I have serious issues with people that eat noisily. I will punch you in the mouth. (not really...but I will imagine it. Hehe)

10. the only thing I like about my appearance is my right eyebrow and I feel big headed just saying that haha

11. I went to a dance school for 7 years. Took ballet, tap and modern then after I left I dabbled in Disco, Street, Hip Hop and Pole dancing. The latter was the most fun!

12. I nearly applied to do Psychology at uni but spent an extra year at college in which I decided I should do fashion.

13. If I could I would go live in a field with loads of animals and loved ones, teach them all to be veggies, take an immortal potion and live happily ever after

14. My main dream is to have an amazing website selling loads of beautiful clothes and shoes at affordable prices. Sophia Amoruso (founder of Nasty Gal) is my inspiration.

15. I feel sorry for everyone and everything. For example, there is a mouldy bit of fruit in my asda fruit pot but I dont wanna leave it on its own so I leave another bit so it has company in the bin.

16. Yep, I'm weird

17. I have one brother who is 10 years older than me

18. I have and still do suffer with anxiety and would love to speak to others who also do as therapy sucks and no one truly understands.

19. I believe in life after death

20. I wish I could blog more but I am so unfortunately unphotogenic it hurts!



  1. youre definitely not unphotogenic hahah! good to learn more about you! :) xx

  2. I loved reading this! My favourite was about the Asda fruit pot haha, I think that's a nice thing to do! Now following your blog :) also Zoe (Zoella on YT) has a blog post on anxiety - not sure if you've read that?

  3. I feel your last fact! I'm always eager to take pictures but they don't often turn out as good as planned! It was lovely to learn more about you! xx

  4. You're the cutest person ever!! I HATE it when people eat loudly, it makes me so angry and uncomfortable! I danced from when I was really young too right up till I went to uni, never tried pole dancing but always wanted too! And I also suffer from serious anxiety problems, I have panic attacks all the time :(. Aww babe I feel like I know you so well, we definitely have loads in common :D xxx

  5. Enjoyed reading your description - you are truly a lovely person :) I can identify with alot of those things too!!

  6. Nice facts, yay for cats!! Also I went to Brighton for uni too (Sussex uni). Hope you enjoy :D xx

  7. Love finding out more about my fave bloggers and these kind of posts are so good for that! A good, funny and interesting set of facts honey! The loney fruit made me giggle xx

  8. Excuse me, I must have misread something! You and unphotogenic should NOT go in the same sentence!! You're gorgeous and so is your style! I simply had to laugh when I came to the moulded fruit thing - very cute! :)

    Sarah Mikaela
    //Framboise Fashion//

  9. 5 cats?! You will be called the cat lady next ha x

  10. this is so cool :) name heli is so cute and the fact uv beennwith ur boyf for so long is adorable :) x

  11. Grrrl, do not get me started. You are drop dead gorgeous! (PS - I love cats and studied fashion, too!)

  12. :) Snap on the long term boyf - me and mine have been together for 5 years <3 I'm also weird and have major anxiety issues grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Why don't you live in London!!!!! XXXX

  13. I have problems with anxiety too, it's nice to know you're not alone in it! I cannot stand the sound of people eating, and I also feel sorry for literally everything. xx

  14. I know I am biased but you are NOT unphotogenic - you are quite beautiful. Everyone I show your pics to are in agreement. You have style and huge talent and your left eyebrow is nearly as beautiful as your right eyebrow!! I have two cats and hate people eating noisily too. xxx

    1. awww this is the cutest comment ever! who are you ms anonymous?! <3 xxx

  15. number 15 is the best thing i've read today, i thought i was the only one that did stuff like this! Excited that I'm actually not. Loved this post
    S x

  16. I literally never leave comments, but this post made me feel compelled to leave a comment! You're my favourite blogger, and you're genuinely so good looking, not sure what this photogenic nonsense is about!
    Annabel xxxx

    ps I am moving to Brighton for uni in september! shitting it