Wednesday, 20 February 2013

LFW DAY ONE: Exhibition

I wasn't expecting to be accepted for an exhibition pass but it was easier than I thought. It was quite a long queue but worth it! For any bloggers interested in going over the next few days or next season, all you had to do was show your blogger stats and if you have over 5,000 hits a month you should be accepted. Then I just filled out a form to say what type of blogger I am and what posts I do etc. This pass allowed me to look around the designer exhibitions situated around Somerset House. My favourite was Topshop's Newgen (see below) mainly because of all the beautiful shoes!


  1. Love the look of the exhibition.

    Btw, did you request for a pass online or when you got t Somerset House?x

    1. hi Yvette, I just requested for it when I got to Somerset House :) xx

  2. loving this collection *lovestruck*

  3. Shoeeeees <3 They are all laaaavely! xx

  4. The collection is looking so good!
    S xx