Monday, 18 February 2013

LFW DAY ONE: Familiar Faces

Not gonna lie and pretend to be cool about it, but there were several 'familiar faces' floating around Somerset House during day one of LFW and several of these I may, or may not have ran after to take a photo of...

Mark Francis and Victoria from Made in Chelsea

Pandemonia (Artist and Fashion Week Regular)

Proudlock from Made in Chelsea

had to add this one in here as was so chuffed that I met him, he was lovely too!

Mollie from the Saturdays in two different outfits

Laura Whitmore (Presenter) on the right

Zoe Hardman (Presenter)

Chloe Norgaard (Model)

Marina and the Diamonds


  1. i love chloe norgaard, i think she's awesome and i'm so jealous you met proudlock!

  2. So many awesome people!
    MARINA <3
    S xx

  3. So jealous you met Proudlock! Ahh xx