Friday, 15 March 2013

This is a short fashion film we did for a university project. The concept is the same as my 'I am not a number' photoshoot (we shot the video at the same time) which is individualism and not being afraid to stand out from the crowd. Check out the funny credits at the end!

Filmed and Edited by: Lydia Cook, Molly Peet, Helena Lester-Card and Chanel Molloy
Model: Chloe Tillson


  1. Love this!!
    Actually amazing
    S xx

  2. Love it! Great song choice too! x

  3. haha such a good video, loved the ending x

  4. This video is fantastic! I saw you in Portsmouth's Topshop last week, I was going to go over but I couldn't pluck up the courage. I'm now super gutted! :-(

  5. Fantastic video which really puts the message across - especially on a dull day, love the people watching too. Well done, you are very talented!