Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Birthday HTL- A shrine to How Two Live

I'm gonna start by saying I know that this blog post may come across a bit keen/stalkerish/sucky uppy but  if you know me at all you will know how much love I have for Jess and Stef and I literally do not care how much I show it. I know I'm not the only either but today I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to How Two Live as it's their first blog birthday!

I followed the girls basically from the word go after I found them through ASOS fashion finder and it's been a happy love affair ever since. I featured them in my first ever Style Bibles of the month blog post and then pretty much stalked them from then on haha.

Since HTL was born and became highly recognised in the blogosphere I have noticed how much impact they have had on a lot of us. For starters, did anyone even know of the word 'twosie' before them?! We all loved matching suits but when these sisters arrived on the scene, there seemed to be a HUGE twosie revelation and we all want everything matchy matchy which is what the girls are famous for. No longer did we care about wearing the same thing as our best friend or sister, HTL made it cool!

Personally, HTL have beyond inspired me and I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that they started blogging. They're bold and colourful looks made me feel more brave about wearing crazy outfits, my love for pink has grown out of control after seeing how good they are at rocking all pink outfits, they gave me confidence to act on my secret love for flares. There are so many blogs that I love but HTL will always be my solid favourite because I can relate so much to their style, there isn't one single outfit I don't want to wear.

I could go on forever declaring my love for Jess and Stef but I think it's pretty clear now..



  1. Ewww Helena, bum licky! I def think these guys sparked the twosie thing, plus the twin dressing thing.

  2. Helena this is too cute!!! You were definitely our first fan and will always be number one. Lots of love! Jess and Stef xxx

  3. This is so sweet of you! I am also a big fan of there blog and there style is so on point!

  4. Oh so cute!
    Love them!
    s xx

  5. Ah, Jess and Stef are just incredible! ♡♡♡

  6. Oh wow they are amazing, I can see why your obsessed they look soooo cool! xx

  7. Amen!!
    I feel completely the same- I could name numerous things that I have bought because I have been inspired by HTL. I have told so many people about them :)