Thursday, 19 September 2013

Top & Waistcoat- Charity Shop
Choker- eBay
Fringed armlet- c/o Crafturday
Lace bell bottoms- Ette 
Shoes- Schuh

Oh look it's that waistcoat and that choker again.. sorry about that but my beautiful fringed armlet just went so well with the colours in the waistcoat! I've always been a fan of arm cuffs/armlets or gun bling which is what I like to now call it, as they add the boho factor to any outfit and this fringed gun bling puts the bo in ho. 

Before taking these photos the weather was pretty mild but as I type I am wrapped up with a fluffy cardi over the top and thermal socks- typical english weather. I also put leggings underneath the bell bottoms so they weren't so sheer and for extra warmth!

I'm off now to have a breakdown about the fact I go back to uni for my third year on Tuesday and have months worth of work to catch up on :S 



  1. Love this! The fringed armlet is so lovely,

    Rosie x

  2. Ah you look gorgeous! The armlet is such a cute touch. Wish I saw you at LFW weeeh xo

  3. Love your look, really cool blog
    Check out/follow if you like the look of it x

  4. Love how you styled the armlet. Your outfit is perfect. You're amaze Helena!

  5. this is super cute, you have an amazing style! x xxx

  6. You always dress so unique and look amazing!

  7. ahh this is super gorgeous. that fringed armband is super lovely and so unique! x

  8. Love this, such a gorgeous outfit!x