Saturday, 16 November 2013

ASOS FF Blogger Challenge #2

Top- Motel Rocks
Gilet & Boots- H&M

Here is number 2 out of 5 of my outfits from my blogger challenge with ASOS Fashion Finder. This Gilet is probably my most worn piece, you can literally chuck it on over everything. I feel the same with the boots although does anyone else make their ankles ache?! It hasn't stopped me from wearing them every day though.

I'm out for my joint birthday celebrations tonight (9 days early) and this is probably the least I've ever been excited for a birthday in all my life. Turning 22 is just no fun :( I will be wearing this jumpsuit though so hopefully that will cheer me up!



  1. I have this gilet, it's like my favourite thing ever! xx

  2. I can''t stop staring at your hair Heli, it looks crazy good! x

  3. You've got such an awesome sense of style, wish I could pull this off! You look FAB! x

  4. Love the layeering with that motel top!! Great style x