Monday, 14 July 2014


Sunnies: Quay Australia
Top: This is a Love Song
Shoes: Y.R.U

I really love picking a theme for an outfit then going all out and dressing head-to-toe in that theme. In today's case it's tropical themed. The lovely Robyn from Missguided asked me to pick a couple of pieces from their tropicool trend and I picked this gorgeous kimono and skirt, teamed it with my palm tree top and an actual palm tree. It's really making me miss being in a hot country but only 5 weeks and 1 day until Ibiza! Speaking of which, can anyone recommend any cool places/bars/beaches to go in Ibiza, bearing in mind I am not a hardcore raver?! 



  1. You always get it so right! And I am exactly the same- I love a good themed outfit! xxx

  2. ahh this outfit is so perfect for summer! I love all the tropical prints going on x

  3. aaamazing - love the kimono x

  4. So so pretty once again! I had my eye on this kimono it's so amazing! Love your style so much!!!

  5. You look gorge! Are you staying in SAN AN or BOSSA?
    If you're in SAN AN, definitely go to Reggae Rerggae beach, Ocean Beach is pretty chilled too and if you get the chance go to the hippy market, it's around an hour away on a bus though :) x

  6. Love this, you look amazing. That kimono!! :o <3 xx

  7. Your the queen of print I reckon and this looks is like killa hawaii godess in 3 words hah omg that kimon is just everythingg too! looove this look! xo

  8. print clashing in this outfit- and the white is giving me serious summer vibes <3

  9. Hi Helena!

    This tropical look is sooooo fun and bright i love it! Perfect for Ibiza!!

    I wish I could recommend places but I've never been (I will go eventually I hope!!) - have an AWESOME holiday!! Can't wait to see more outfits!!

    Love Shani xo
    Co-founder at Style Honey