Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunglasses:  Unif c/o Dolls Kill
Earrings: ShopFloorWhore
Jumper & Waistcoat: Vintage
Trousers: made by my Mum
Shoes: Schuh

Heyyyy, long time no see AGAIN. I didn't expect life to be this busy post university but it's been full of lots of styling and Sassy World fun so I can't complain :D

I'm back with a head to toe rainbow outfit featuring these amazing rainbow flares my mum made me for Ibiza. I'm actually enjoying the slightly chillier weather now as it means I can dig out all my unflattering, oversized crazy jumpers and faux fur. This body is going back into hibernation for a year- bring on the pizzas. 

I'm off to Bestival on Thursday, who else is going? let's meet!



  1. Your colourful style always makes me that little bit happier! Love the rainbow flares, very 70's <3 Have a good time at Bestival, I'm so jealous!

  2. Helena you are just magical <3 xxx

  3. I LOVEEE this outfit!! So colourful and happy! Plus those trousers are awesome, props to your mama! :D

    The Mermaid Wardrobe

  4. If this isn't the most colorful way to embrace the upcoming fall, I don't know what is! I love how you even went with orange-red over-sized earrings to complete your outfit, which only add to the happy/crazy yet definitely awesome look :) <3.

  5. Helena only you can pull off an outfit so vibrant! love it!

  6. you are the epitome of cool. you look so amazing in everything you wear - I don't know how you do it!

  7. wow! this is just amazing! Hanna x

  8. queen of colour! <3

  9. This is the coolest outfit I've seen all week, love the jumper and the jeans!! you always look so cool!

  10. So quirky!
    S xx