Sunday, 5 October 2014


Earrings: eBay
Dress: Caighli Taylor
Shoes: Bethany Fray
Bag: Vintage

Me and my boyfriend Perry <3

Me and my Mum <3

If you follow me on insta or twitter (@helibells) you may have noticed I FINALLY graduated on Friday. For some reason our uni graduates months after everyone else does but it was great to see my uni friends again after the long summer. I didn't take my SLR as I took my Instax camera (ridiculously big and heavy) so excuse the slightly poor quality photos. There are clearer photos of my outfit over on my instagram!

I was lucky enough to have an amazing colourful and crazy dress designed by Caighli Taylor, who is launching her debut collection on Sassy World soon, and incredible shoes to match by my friend Beth. The cape and hat defo ruined the whole look haha. 

At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what grade you get, it's the experience, skills and contacts you make during the course of your university years that is most important. I went into third year extremely determined to try and get a 1st purely for my own satisfaction because I had always gotten B's or 2:1's so I just wanted to push myself a little harder. As some of you may remember, my step dad passed away a couple of months into my third year which knocked me back and I ended up being behind everyone else with different deadlines for a little while. But uni kept me busy and distracted from all the grief and I somehow came out fighting and managed to bag myself a First Class Honors in Fashion Media & Promotion. I know no one will probably ever ask me what grade I got, and the result wont be particularly beneficial to my career but it was a huge achievement for me and I know my step dad would be very proud :) 

Good luck to everyone going into their third years at uni! Work hard and have fun <3 



  1. Omg yaass boo as if you got that 1st!! Already said congrats on your insta but congrats again for the first haha! So incredible! I'm like applying to study the exact same course for uni next year so this post just makes me mega exited! And your dress and shoes were just killa hunny good luck future now the world's your oyster!xo

  2. Those shoes are incredible, I bet you were the best dressed there! And a huuuuge congrats on your graduation dear :)

    Cats in Crop Tops

  3. Congratulations on your first! So good x

    Gegsy Blog

  4. congrats gal! this outfit is insanely cool x

  5. congratulations!! you look amazing! hope you had an amazing day <3