Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Confetti Crowd

Shaggy Jacket: Nasty Gal
Two Piece: Vintage Louis Feraud
Boots: ASOS

SO excited to announce Confetti Crowd has officially launched YAY :D You can check out our group blog here. These are our images from our first ever blog post where we all wore an outfit that represented our individual styles so obviously I went for colourful and fluffy! Each week we will be posting group outfit posts and there will be more content posted in between too :D

The whole Confetti Crowd concept belongs to the beautiful Heidi as she wanted to do a collaborative blog with girls who have more unique styles and we all get along amazingly so it's an absolute dream. I have so much fun whenever we are together and I can't wait to see what our future holds <3 

Check out our behind the scenes video too!


  1. YAS girls~! This is everything I dream of when I look for fashion blogs- a personal identity and strong sense of self expressed through clothing. Collaboration between women is equally important, as is the notion of dressing to please one's self rather than for the approval of peer groups or to attract men.
    It's projects like these that prove that fashion and feminism can be intersectional, and we should encourage girls to see each other as supporters of their own websites, as well as competitors for jobs (which can be a good thing) and not simply as competitors for the attention of men. I can't wait to see more blogs like this, as well as posts from the Confetti Crowd! <3


  2. You're all so sassy! Some of the best bloggers joined forces, can't wait for even more posts from confetti crowd!


  3. Wow! There's a hella lot of colour, prints and textures going on here. I cannot wait to see your next group outfit post :) Xx


  4. You are all the coolest gals in the fashion blogging world! x

  5. You all look fantastic! These photos brought a smile to my face (girls! colors! glitter!) and I can't wait to read the new blog. :)

  6. I literally adore every single on of you girls! So much color, this post makes me happy! You are so beautiful xx


  7. Oh my gosh, you are my biggest style inspo right now!!!! <3 Everything you wear is so stellar and perfect.

  8. ahhh all of you blogging together is amazing! you're going to dominate the blogging world, can't wait to see more from you all! xx


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