Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Paris 1/3

Coat: Vintage
Jeans: eBay
Boots: H&M
Bag: Smoke & Mirrors London

Salut! I've just got back from a magical trip to Paris and have 3 blog posts to share with you :D 
I took my boyfriend for his 24th birthday and we stayed in an air b&b apartment in the lovely Le Marais. It was our first experience with Paris and Air b&b and I would definitely recommend both, air b&b is so much cheaper than most parisian hotels! Our apartment couldn't have been better and the whole experience ran really smoothly. 

I didn't take very good outfit photos this day as it was Perry's birthday and we were excited to go out and about and explore (and stuff our face with birthday crepes) but I've included some Instax photos to make the post a little more interesting. You can also see more photos from our trip on my instagram @helibells

This was the gorgeous view of the courtyard from our balcony. The apartment we stayed in was really central in Le Marais and a 10/15 minute taxi ride away from all the other main attractions so it was perfect.
We spent the Sunday exploring the local vintage shops such as Free 'P' Star and the Kilo shop. I was recommended the Free 'P' Star several times but to be honest, it didn't do much for me. It was really overcrowded and most of it wasn't that great vintage. Apparently you can find some gems fighting your way through the euro bins but it was so much effort and I just couldn't be bothered. I did however find a vintage versace crop top for €10 but later discovered there were tiny rust marks all over it :( The Kilo Shop is a lot better and more organised so would recommend that one more but if you have the patience then it's worth checking out the 3 Free P shops in Marais just for the hope of finding something cool. I went back to the shops 3 times during my stay and only managed to find 2 things in total (but I am majorly fussy).

This was my outfit for Perry's birthday evening. I'm wearing all vintage everything and Topshop heels! We went to Le Crazy Horse show so had to be a bit dressy (read below for more about the show)/

So Perry had the choice of either going for a dinner cruise on the River Seine or watching naked ladies dance for his birthday evening and guess what he chose LOL. To be fair I thought the Crazy Horse show would be a little more fun to! If you haven't heard of it before, then you most probably have seen Beyonce's music video Partition which was actually inspired by and filmed at Le Crazy Horse show so you can imagine what sort of vibes were going down here. 

It's ridiculously expensive to go and get an actual seat but we bought the under 26 tickets with a glass of champers for €50 euros each which was the cheapest option but meant we had to sit on the stalls at the bar all night (slightly uncomfortable and we were only 1 of 2 couples who were sat here so we felt like cheapskates haha). Everyone else had their own little booths and buckets of champagne. A little tip if you choose the under 26 option like we did, DON'T order a drink at the bar! They are mindblowingly expensive at €25 for one vodka. We went thirsty lol! But anyway aside from the feeling a bit cheap and dehydrated, the show was AMAZING! It's basically lots of beautiful naked (except for the vajayjay) dancing scenes with really cool lighting effects and music. Would definitely recommend going! If it's good enough for Beyonce..

I will be posting my next outfit and more about my trip in tomorrow's blog post! Hope you've enjoyed this one :) x


  1. love your outfit- and can't wait to see/ hear more about Paris! :)

  2. Stunning outfit! Hope you had fun in Paris <3

    Lexi Likes

  3. Paris is beautiful, i want to live there when I am older. I hope you had a good time. Your outfits are creative and colourful and i love it!

  4. I work in Kilo Shop! I actually think I saw you in there on Monday but didn't get round to saying hi. Hope you had a great time! x

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