Sunday, 31 January 2016


Hey guys! A slightly different post to normal today but just wanted to share this little shoot with you all <3

This is my 60 year old mum, Anne AKA my real life Wonder Woman! As some of you may know she was widowed a couple of years ago after my step dad passed away from cancer. She herself also had a small scare with breast cancer aged 39 after they found cancerous cells during a breast reduction. The doctors told her the best option was to have a mastectomy and then have a breast implant put in a year after to even her back out. However the last few years the implant has had some complications, causing her a lot of discomfort whenever she exercises (she swims alot) so she decided to have the implant taken out.

So here she is, 4 days post-operation wearing her bandages with pride (and relief) and looking fabulous as ever! I wanted to sass her up and do a mini photoshoot to make her feel good and to also mark the end of an era and she said she's more than happy for me to share it. Despite all she's been through she still manages to brighten up every room she enters and is just an all round WONDER WOMAN!

I hope in some way this can inspire someone. Maybe someone who's also had a mastectomy, or someone who's lost a partner or maybe it could just be a light hearted reminder to us females that getting older doesn't have to be grey and boring!


  1. This is SO wonderful. Your mum looks fabulous!

  2. Very brave of you and her to share a powerful story on your blog, such an inspiring fabulous lady!

  3. What a hero! Very nice change of blog post and an inspiration to everyone :)

  4. How glam she is, what an inspiring lady in many ways. I agree, aging should not equal the end of enjoying fashion (I'm 42), I intend to wear whatever I please all the way to my grave.

    Taylor Two