Sunday, 20 March 2016


Cardigan: Vintage
Top: Charity Shop

I've just come back from spending a couple of days in London for my boyfriend, Perry's 25th birthday. We ended up not doing half of the things we planned because the night before we were going I went and got myself food poisoning, ugh. It was my first ever experience with it and I was feeling weak AF so we ended up staying in our hotel for the first night and cancelling our swanky dinner plans at the sky gardens :( but the second day made up for it because we spent the day exploring Camden, Brick Lane and my fave place in London- Primrose Hill <3 

These photos were actually just taken on my phone because I really cba to lug my SLR around with me. I was intending to try and shoot some blog pics and maybe even create my first vlog but the extra weight in my bag just wasn't what I needed. On that note, can anyone recommend any nifty little cameras good for blogging/vlogging etc? I'm useless when it comes to new technology haha! 



  1. Ooo such a cool outfit. I love this jeans, very original.


  2. Love this look!

  3. can't believe you took these on a phone Heli, the quality is amazing! So sorry to hear you got food poisoning but I'm glad you're back to your usual sassy self. I'm now determined to buy myself a pair of those stunning jeans soon <3 <3

  4. Those beam shoes are just blatant rip-offs of SneakerGlow. Would not buy.

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