Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Me and my Confetti Crowd girlies recently teamed up with Ribena on their latest campaign which is all about positivity, optimism, colour and quirk. Could it be more us? You can't get any more Ribenary!

I had such a fun packed day colouring in my tile (1/120 tiles drawn by the amazing Alex Lucas) and I had completely forgotten how uplifting it was to colour in. It should be a mandatory part of our lives I reckon! After everyone in the cafe had completed our tiles we all went and stuck them up in order on the wall which created the most beautiful and psychedelic masterpiece you ever did see. When I thought it couldn't get much better they did this amazing light up performance of the wall piece to the music of Ribena's song from their latest advert (the catchiest and bounciest song ever FYI) which had everyone bopping about, it was SO cute. 

We then partied on down and laughed the night away and I honestly hadn't had that much fun in ages so thank you Ribena for having me and reminding me to live in the moment and savour the everyday joys! 


  1. Omg, such a rad idea! I'd love to visit, the colors in these photos are so gorgeous and the treats look delicious. :)

  2. love the feature wall :)


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