Monday, 19 September 2016


I've just returned from my most fabulous hotel stay to date at none other than the AMAZING Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton. My boyfriend and I chose to stay in the bowery room as I felt it was screaming my name (see first two photos and you'll totally understand why) and it was so beautiful and cosy. The theme is dedicated to performance artist Leigh Bowery and features so many gorgeous visuals around the room. The room is one of their smaller ones but it was super comfy and perfect for the two of us!

Whilst we were there the lovely Cecily showed me around some of their other themed rooms and I've featured my favourite ones down below. There are so many intricate details in every room and such a wide range of themes, there's something for all different tastes but especially ones who love a whole lot of quirk. 

FYI they have a bar downstairs that features pink tables, a gold glittery sofa and some bangin' cocktails! The location is perfect as it's right next to the seaside and walking distance to everything else too. I'll 10000% be returning again so thank you so much Hotel Pelirocco for having me :D

Even the toilets are super cute!


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